Little Zoomer’s – Kid’s Church Update June 2021

We have continued to meet every Sunday morning at 9am on Zoom with our “Little Zoomer’s” with stories, games, prayer, challenges and news. Since our last update, we have also enjoyed two more church family quizzes on Zoom on Saturday evenings which have been a lot of fun and a great way to bring all ages together. Our children are now experts on powerpoint and Zoom! We are so grateful for the technology that has allowed us to continue to meet together virtually during the pandemic.

However, there is nothing quite like meeting together in person!…….

Last Sunday morning for the first time in over a year, we met at Oakhill park; we had a story, prayer time, rounders, craft, parachute games and a picnic (and sunshine!). It was a real blessing to be able to meet together. We were reminded about how we are God’s family and it doesn’t matter if we are in our homes, the church building or outside at the park, Jesus wants to meet with us wherever we are.

We have been thinking about the next steps forward for our children and being able to invite families back to our church building. The church is now open every Sunday morning for a 10am service. This is also live streamed on Zoom. Of course families are welcome to come to this along with everyone else. Due to social distancing and government restrictions church is still very different to what we were used to pre-pandemic. So from this Sunday (13th June) we would like to try meeting outside church at 10am. Mrs Green at St John’s school has very kindly said we can use their outdoor covered area for children’s church so we are going to try this (weather permitting) for the next few weeks. We can then potentially go into the church building for the end of the service to tell the rest of the congregation what we have done and then maybe meet outside for a juice and a biscuit at the end!

This is our first step forwards to being able to meet again in person. Please bear with us. We are learning as we go along and doing our best to be cautious in line with government guidelines.

We really do hope to see you all (in person) soon.

Your Children’s team