Baxenden Lads: Bolton J

10th September 1918

PTE. 31194 JACK BOLTON of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment was killed in action near Arras, France, on September 10th 1918, during the ‘advance to victory’ campaign which resulted in the end of the war in November.

Jack was aged twenty-five and lived with his family at Laund Cottage, Baxenden.

Jack is buried in an extension to the communal cemetery of the village of Queant, some twelve miles south-east of Arras. The village was not captured by the British forces until September 2nd 1918, and the cemetery extension was made by fighting units burying their comrades. There are 275 graves in the cemetery. It stands on flat, low ground, but the village of Queant and the spire of the church in the next village of Noreuil are visible from it.