Christmas is coming!

Dear JohnPaul Church Family

Advent Greetings!

I am writing to you on one of those awesome Winter days, when the light streaming in the window and a stillness in the air, makes everything beautiful!  Many of you know I use the app Lectio365, from the 24/7 prayer movement, as part of my daily devotions.   Click here to find out more

Today’s reading seemed to match the day as I read about God gave the ten commandments to Moses. His face literally shone, as he returned down the mountain, after spending time with God.  Paul goes one step further in the New Testament and writes in the Message translation: My life is, ‘gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters it’, so I don’t just reflect him, but I, ‘become like him.’  2.Corinthians.3.18.  As you prepare for Christmas what would it mean for you to prioritise finding time with God, so that in the midst of the excitement and business of the season: so that your every word and action would reflect the presence of God.

We have carefully arranged a series of invitational services this Christmas in both churches and are in the process of distributing invitations into every home in our parishes.  But remember, most people don’t come to events because of an advert.  They come if they are invited by a member of their family or a friend they trust.  Tony Hindle and I have shared that little phrase with you in various services.  ‘I am going, it’s going to be great, will you come with me?’  We would love to share the good news of Jesus this Christmas with as many people as possible.

Look out for the flyers coming through your letterbox and please do invite a friend.  There are Nativities, a Christmas party for children, two carol services and various festive coffee mornings and Communion services. Families@5 are especially delighted to welcome the Haslingden and Helmshore brass band to lead their Carol Service on the tenth.  And all our services and celebrations will have seasonal refreshments.  Just click on our calendar to check out the dates and times.

This comes with my very best wishes for this festive season,

May God bless you,